Thursday, July 4, 2013

Special guest #4: ADRIEN & his Tarte à la Praline

May 30th, Adrien from Lyon, came to visit us and our little café. As it's a custom now, we asked him to bake his specialty.
I met Adrien in Tokyo and he is one of the best cook I know. He is a burger master and a very exigent gourmet. With French and libanese roots, education in Japan and Biology PhD, you bet he can cook.
Here is his very surprising tarte: la Tarte à la Praline.
Ok, my pics are terrible and I couldn't take a proper sexy photo of the final tarte... but let me tell you, it's truly delicious.

What's Pralines de Lyon? 
It's a candy, almonds covered with sugar. It could be entire or crushed almonds.
For this traditionnal Tarte, we use crushed ones and this cake requires half pralines, half crème fraîche.
What about the taste?
You cannot guess. 
Again, surprisingly, it's quite "fresh" because of the acidity of the crème fraîche. Sweet of course, but not too heavy, the tarte is thin. You bite some almonds and the cream melt in your mouth.
Slice should be smaller than usual and we serve it with sugar free wipped cream.

We have a pack of pralines left, we'll make it again.

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