Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weekender x Tsuki Usagi Pot

October issue of The Weekender Magazine talks about Tsuki Usagi slim pot! It was about time Germans get to know this amazing kitchenware, popular for years now in Japan, especially among coffee lovers, drip coffee makers.
Chemex is featured too.

And the cover's from Blexbolex, one of the most talented illustrator in France. His work is amazing.
We talked about him in an older post here.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chemex in Hanako For Men

First time I discovered the Chemex filter coffee maker was on this japanese magazine: 
Hanako for Men, 
issue n°1 - Autumn Winter 2009

Just fell in love with the object.

But it took a while to find the object. I moved to Berlin from Tokyo and the only shop who would sell it in Berlin was Coffee Circle.
This is how the 1st connection was made between Two and Two café & our coffee supplier.

Japanese publication is diverse and you'll find thousands of magazines, out weekly or monthly for fashion, decoration, art de vivre... dedicated to each group of the population and in Japan, there is a multitude of "tribes". Above that there is plenty of specialized magazines, dedicated to only one subject as there would always be passionate and demanding readers.

Here, Hanako For Men would be an equivalent to The Weekender in Germany. It assemble few topics around a way of life, artistic oriented, laid back, yet, gourmet and stylish. The main point for this issue was the art of coffee making and it reviews almost every ways to make coffee at home. It showed the techniques by following a guest who'd have the habit to use one particular tool. Very instructive.
Besides, you'd find fashion pages, recipes and best adresses in Tokyo for excellent coffee. 
The kind of magazine you wouldn't throw away after reading.

Mrs T.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

[ Play With Stationery ]

Discover our japanese stationery,
we have long history items such as the green Sketch / Level / Travel Books, the classic wood ruler, Stubame Notebooks, Midori, Maruman, Ohto, Mitsubishi brands. And also modern Kokuyo Kadokeshi eraser with multiple corners that win the Design Award 2002, super Jetstream's exceptional ballpens, beautiful Ohto mechanical pencil, Hightide pencases.

The best of the best, high quality, efficient design.

A very unique selection in Berlin.

All pictures by Taizo Matsuyama.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Featured in National Geographic's Styleguide Berlin!

Thanks to Tolga Klein & Ellen Teschendorf, we are featured in National Geographic's Styleguide Berlin. How cool! 
Tolga is a chef and you can follow him on his facebook.
For Restaurant Day on May 17th, he prepared a special dinner at Two and Two, fusionning turkish and japanese flavors.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Featured in CAFE SWEETS Magazine! Wow Wow Wow!

     This si our first big article on paper press. And what an honor, it's "Café Sweets" vol. 156, March 2014!!!
We totally remember when we used to buy this magasine to get inspired for our coffeeshop project. It feels so strange and of course, we are proud and... 恥ずかしい (embarassées) at the same time!!!
Thank you again Mrs Kubota for the words and Mr Shishido for the images.

Special guest #5: PARUSHA and her Chocolate and Dates Truffles!

Coconut milk
Melting black chocolate in bain marie
Mixing dates and cashew nuts

First bite!
            Parusha is a regular customer and as she read our blog, asked us one day, if she could participate to our cook guest thing. She proposed to make one of her favorite treat, vegan chocolate truffles. 
By one january afternoon, we shared a cool baking and chatting moment. I got to know her better and as she'd invest the kitchen and I'd serve coffee, we kind of made a great team.
I never tried that kind of chocolate sweet and I was surprised with the recipe that wouldn't be french at all. Mixing dates, cashew nuts, coconut milk is not my culture. Thanx to Parusha, we all got to discover this truffles that perfectly accompany any hot winter drink. It was big enough to be daintily eaten bite by bite and as the sweetness only came from the dates, it was just full flavors!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Featured in *What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today* & *Stil In Berlin*

I know Martha's *What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today* for a little while and I always admired her cooking skills and photography. She captured the essence of our coffeeshop so well, it looks even prettier than reality and I wish I had her eye!

Her blog is pure beauty and recipes + travel tips = art de vivre at its best.
We thank her very much here again. Such an honor.

Find her review about us here.

Jessica, founder of Best Wishes From Berlin is now working for the famous berliner blog, Stil in Berlin. Her and Mary Scherpe came by and indulged with some of our specials such as the French hot chocolate, matcha latte and cannelé on a cold winter day.
Get featured there is a great recognition! Vielen Dank!

If you don't know Stil in Berlin yet, you'll be able to find there the best places for culture, food, fashion, in Berlin.

Read the article here!