Thursday, February 27, 2014

Special guest #5: PARUSHA and her Chocolate and Dates Truffles!

Coconut milk
Melting black chocolate in bain marie
Mixing dates and cashew nuts

First bite!
            Parusha is a regular customer and as she read our blog, asked us one day, if she could participate to our cook guest thing. She proposed to make one of her favorite treat, vegan chocolate truffles. 
By one january afternoon, we shared a cool baking and chatting moment. I got to know her better and as she'd invest the kitchen and I'd serve coffee, we kind of made a great team.
I never tried that kind of chocolate sweet and I was surprised with the recipe that wouldn't be french at all. Mixing dates, cashew nuts, coconut milk is not my culture. Thanx to Parusha, we all got to discover this truffles that perfectly accompany any hot winter drink. It was big enough to be daintily eaten bite by bite and as the sweetness only came from the dates, it was just full flavors!

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