Friday, October 17, 2014

Chemex in Hanako For Men

First time I discovered the Chemex filter coffee maker was on this japanese magazine: 
Hanako for Men, 
issue n°1 - Autumn Winter 2009

Just fell in love with the object.

But it took a while to find the object. I moved to Berlin from Tokyo and the only shop who would sell it in Berlin was Coffee Circle.
This is how the 1st connection was made between Two and Two café & our coffee supplier.

Japanese publication is diverse and you'll find thousands of magazines, out weekly or monthly for fashion, decoration, art de vivre... dedicated to each group of the population and in Japan, there is a multitude of "tribes". Above that there is plenty of specialized magazines, dedicated to only one subject as there would always be passionate and demanding readers.

Here, Hanako For Men would be an equivalent to The Weekender in Germany. It assemble few topics around a way of life, artistic oriented, laid back, yet, gourmet and stylish. The main point for this issue was the art of coffee making and it reviews almost every ways to make coffee at home. It showed the techniques by following a guest who'd have the habit to use one particular tool. Very instructive.
Besides, you'd find fashion pages, recipes and best adresses in Tokyo for excellent coffee. 
The kind of magazine you wouldn't throw away after reading.

Mrs T.

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