Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Hot Drinks! All homemade of course

 Matcha Latte
We make a sirup that we add to steamed milk.
Matcha is a japanese fine powdered green tea, high quality, initially used for the traditional tea ceremony. Nowadays, it's a very popular ingredient for cakes, drinks, sweets, ice creams, even noodles. 
The taste is slightly bitter, but very softened by the milk. We decided to minimise the amount of sugar for the sirup. At last but not least, our matcha is organic.

 Chai Latte
We cook a combination of spices, honey, brown sugar, and black tea to obtain our homemade chai base. We just add hot milk when you need it.

Le chocolat à l'ancienne
(old fashioned french hot chocolate)
On demand we prepare your hot chocolate. 
It's "just" real chocolate in you cup: tasty, creamy, soft and warm. You'll have your little milk pitcher so you'll be able to adjust the concentration of chocolate drink you wanna have. 
And it last as long as you got milk right?
The most comfy drink of the winter.

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