Sunday, December 8, 2013

Japanese Stationery baby!

UNI JETSTREAM: simply best ballpoint pen of the universe.
Gel technology, non dry, smooth lines, long lasting, fine / medium / thick tips available. 

Beautiful OHTO mechanical pencil. Looks like a pencil, but is way more sustainable with detailed design.

Delicate colors marker pen by MILDLINER: double pens with thick or precise pin. Just enjoy those slightly fluorescent or pastel colors.

The MONO erasers! A classic from Japan! Just appreciate the modernity of the round eraser: designed as a mechanical pencil.

OLFA TOUCH-KNIFE cutter. Not a gadget, real tool for precise cutting work. Small and practical.

Another classic: TOMBOW pencils. Get one or the whole box. Tombow means dragonfly.

The perfect passport case.

 Small version, keep your smartphone in the case, you'd be still able to use it thought the protection.

STORAGE.IT by MARK'S is becoming a classic too. Never met so usefull notebook. First, paper is great quality, then, you have plenty of storage tricks. Ideal for travelling, messy/carefull person, collectors, compulsive writers etc...

RaKuGaKi Cho small notebook: one of our favorite stationery in the shop. Super quality paper, original design and little funny sentences pop in through the pages. Only few left, and out of stock in Japan.

Very nostalgic MAGIC PEN. Every kid is Japan use those marker pens! Plenty of colors, and unusual one.

YES, there is more at the shop!

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