Sunday, March 31, 2013

Le café / Coffee Circle / Bio

We wanted a certain coffee. Organic. And fair trade.
We choose Coffee Circle.
First, they are very friendly, professionals and they put heart in what they do, in every sense.
They helped us a lot from the beginning in our coffeeshop project and also with training our barista skills. This partnership is truly precious to us.

We love our Expresso coffee.
The beans come from Ethiopia, it's 100% arabica. It has body, a round soft aroma, with chocolate taste and licorice sometimes, and has no acidity or much bitterness.

So beside the taste and the fact that it's organic, for each kilo we buy, one euro goes for a project Coffee Circle support. We choose to participate to the solar panels project. It's about getting solar panels for the health station of Ilketunjo cooperative in Ethiopia.
They also raise money for this cooperative to get the organic label certification.
So the coffee is not certified "fair trade" but to us, action is more valuable than brand.

We sell the Expresso beans (beans or grinded) and also their Yirgacheffe and Limu varieties.As you can see on the pictures, we sell the Chemex in different sizes and shapes, Hario Ice Coffee Makers and the Tsuki-Usagi enamel pot.
And this will be the topic for another post!
About these last japanese pots, you can read about it here on our blog.

そして最後に選んだのはこれです。Coffee Circle. 


私たちはこのエスプレッソが大好きです。Expresso coffee
エチオピア産のアラビカ豆100% です。
そして彼らCoffee Circleはコーヒーの産地でのいくつかの援助プロジェクトを行っており、私たちもそのうちの一つを選んで参加しています。
コーヒー豆1 キロの購入につき1ユーロを選択したプロジェクトに寄付するというシステムです。
現在私たちが参加しているプロジェクトは the solar panels projectです。

または彼らCoffee Circleは生産者の組合がオーガニック認証マークを取得する援助も行っています。


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