Saturday, February 16, 2013

Les spécialités

Quiche Lorraine
Quiche Spinach & Salmon
Quiche du Sud
Quiches: it's a salty French tart, with shortcrust pastry, filled with custard plus the ingredients you fancy. The very traditionnal one is the quiche Lorraine, with smoked lardons and would be a 400 years old recipe. Funny thing is that Quiche comes originally from Germany, and borrowed its name from "Kuchen", "cake" in german.

At Two and Two, we offer everyday the Quiche Lorraine plus another veggie option.
It can be the Salmon & Spinat, the Quiche du Sud with peppers, eggplants and zucchinis, Tomatoe Quiche with feta cheese...
We always like to try new recipes!

キッシュ: フランスの塩味のタルト、卵とチーズのクリームがサクサクの生地に包まれています 。
王道はスモークされた厚切りのベーコンが入ったキッシュ ロレーヌです 。このレシピは400年もの伝統があるものです。

Two and Twoではキッシュ ロレーヌと、ベジタリアンのためのお肉を使わないキッシュをご用意しています。


Cake Salé with beef, caramelized onions & pepper
Cake Salé with turkey, raisins & rucola
Cakes salés: these salty cakes went very popular in France this past decade. It's always made in rectangular molds, that's the reason why it's called "cake", like the english fruitcake.
As quiche, you have thousands of recipes.

We serve our salty dishes with a bit of green salad. 

ケーク サレ: ここ10年ぐらいフランスでは塩味のケーキが大人気です。長方形の型で焼かれている理由は、イギリス定番フルーツケーキの影響です。
Cannelé: a little brown~black traditional French pastry from Bordeaux with tender custard inside and thick caramelized crust. Its particular flavor comes from vanilla and rum.

特別なおいしさの秘密は バニラとラム酒です。

Financier: another typical French tender cake, with almond powder, made with beurre noisette (brown butter).
Its shape is like a bar of gold and has its color too.

フィナンシエ: アーモンドパウダーを使ったフランスの有名なお菓子です。焦がしたバターを使っています。 

Madeleines: well known in Germany already, surely because it's from Lorraine (again!), at Germany's border to France. It's a kind of sponge cake, with a shell-like shape on the bottom and a bump on the top.
Delicious when you dip it in your coffee with milk...

マドレーヌ: ドイツでもとても有名なお菓子です。マドレーヌもドイツとの国境近くのロレーヌ地方からやってきました。ソフトなスポンジケーキのようで、下は貝殻の形、上はぽっこりと膨らんでいます。

Kokuto Kurumi
Kokuto kurumi: a Mrs E's specialty! These walnuts are coated with caramelized brown sugar and come from Okinawa, the tropical islands in south Japan.
A simply delicious and healthy energy boost.

黒糖くるみ: Mrs.Eのおすすめ!クルミに黒糖でつくったキャラメルをからめています。

Matcha cookies
Matcha cookies: matcha is a fine powdered high quality green tea, used for traditional tea ceremony. These little cookies, slightly sweet are perfect to discover this new flavor.
Again, Mrs E masters them. 

Gâteau au chocolat
Gâteau au chocolat: this chocolate cake is very tender and a bit cruncky on the top. Mrs T has this recipe from her teenage years and friends would ask for it for every dinner or parties.
Even better with whipped cream.


We are baking, making, creating every food in the café's open kitchen.
We try to propose everyday cannelés, madeleines, financiers, and quiches for sure. Other specialties won't always be available, but new ones are coming everyweek! 
Keep yourself updated via our facebook. 

Of course, we do everything to go and we'd be happy to make orders.

Thank you for your support!

Sorry for writing this post in english for the moment, our german is not good enough to write (if we would, you'd laught a lot with our strange ungerman sentences).

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